...Personally, I like that Conductability has a wide range of age levels, even 2 college level students with CP, that our wonderful role models for Elina and the younger students. The older role models provide the children and us parents with a sense that Conductive ed concepts are a life long learning process that needs to be continually nurtured. Another difference in our program seems to be that Conductability has two certified conductors. Borbala comes to us from Hungary with many years of direct experiences living at the Peto Institute. That unique experience of being personally involved with Peto is what I look for in any conductive ed program. Alicia brings a younger generation, enthusiastic American-Hungarian-Aquinas College perspective of Conductive Ed with a willingness to search for each child's unique strength's that will empower them to do more challenging things. The experience of these two conductors combined provide a dynamic structure for positive, long lasting results. The financial cost for Conductability is definitely worth it for us. I will never go back to traditional physical and occupational therapy for Elina... The conductive ed - assistive tech Danbury school situation for us is ideal. I wish all schools as open to creating these kinds of opportunities for our kids.
Karla Berglund Hughes
Pasadena, California